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Vic Park Market



Sundays 8am - 12 noon

The Market has a different theme each week of the month, so there is always something new and exciting happening. 

  • On the first Sunday of every month, we have "Pets in the Park", where you can showcase your pet-related products. We also have a petting farm and Greyhound Adoptions joining us which are both very popular with visitors. 

  • On the second Sunday of every month it's "Health and Wellness in the Park", an opportunity to retail and showcase health, fitness and general wellness products and services. 

  • On the third Sunday of every month, we have "Artisans in the Park" where you can showcase your handmade products and consumers absolutely love the opportunity to meet the makers. 

  • On the fourth Sunday of every month, we focus on Vintage in the Park", a great opportunity to showcase and sell anything pre-loved including collectibles. 

  • In the months that we are lucky enough to have five Sundays, we have "Gardening in the Park', where you can sell and promote garden products and services related to sustainability.

All stall holders are welcome to come on any Sunday. If you come on a Sunday where products you are selling relate to the theme of the day your stall site fee will be waived. Vendors are only entitled to get one free stall site fee per month.

Contact Us

John MacMillan Park, 19 Sussex St, East Victoria Park WA 6101, Australia

0403 121 543

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